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"Our family uses and has used many of the APlus services for over twenty years. This includes Life Insurance, Home Mortgage, Investments,Tax Preparation and Financial advice. The CEO, Larry George as well as his team are very experienced in all these areas of service. With over thirty years of multiple careers in banking, insurance and investments, Larry George BComm is a remarkable source of both advice and information. His second in command Sam King BBA is likewise highly skilled in all four levels of service offered. Sam and Larry head a team of specialists in the four areas indicated. The APlus service is offered with a personal touch that is comfortably warm. The APlus team is very personable. Our family experience is that the APlus team goes the extra mile while providing that service to make the client informed about the financial strategy to be employed and comfortable with that strategy and indeed with the whole APlus team. Shelly O'Brien's welcoming smile and words of welcome are truly a hint of the comfort that awaits an APlus client even in difficult times. If I may say, the patience and extra effort that Larry George showed as I was approaching retirement will always be remembered. There were many visits over several years. Larry George re-calculated amounts and sought out information over and over and over again with the greatest patience and experienced advice. He had been down the retirement decision calculations with many others before myself and knew exactly how to work through the various issues. Some of which I never thought about in spite of attending two different retirement seminars. For the past four summers, A-Plus has a 'Family Fun Day'. This day is centered on activities for children. The organizing and offering this day suggests the special quality of inclusion and caring that is very much a quality of APlus. We appreciated greatly the APlus Christmas visit with a card and gift. Each family member’s birthday is recognized with a card or a phone call. Our granddaughter gets excited with each “Kid Konnection” event. Contests and events are periodic and enhance the self esteem of our preschooler. My wife and I recommended APlus to our daughter and son. Our daughter consulted Larry while she was in high school and has now utilized APlus for multiple purposes. Indeed, all of our three children have one or more accounts with APlus. More than once there has been a positive statement about the happy luck of having APlus in our financial lives. APlus does not take us for granted and we are grateful for their efforts on our behalf. Robert T. Smith BA, BEd, LLB"

Robert T. Smith BA, BEd, LLB

"Excellent 'service' and attention to detail. You walked us through everything so there were no surprises at all. Highly recommended for sure!"

Karen & Jeff

"My wife and I have been relying on APlus Group for our Insurance, investments, mortgage and Income Tax for many years, you could not ask for a better staff and a better Company."


"I just want to say thanks. From the first phone call to the end of the process you made things seem easy. Thanks again for everything."


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