What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is so important because it is in your best interest to cover any health related issues.  It can take care of your finances if you have a medical emergency adn provides a peace of mind in times of crisis.  

1. Health Benefits 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Chiropodist/Podiatrist Hearing Aids Semi-Private or Private Hospital
Accidental Dental Chiropractor Massage Therapist Travel
Acupuncturist Chronic Disease Management Nursing Care Vision Care
Ambulance Diabetic supplies Physiotherapist/Athletic Therapist  

2. Drug Benefits

Drug Benefits  - Depending on the coverage different types of co-pay         
Smoking Cessation
Fertility Drugs

3. Dental Coverage

Dental Exams X-rays Root Canals Periodontal Services Coverage
Cleanings Fillings  Extractions Orthodontics Coverage

4. Critical Illness Coverage is optional

5. Hospital Cash - $100 per day for up to 100 days per year when hospitalized.

6. Assured Access - allows you to put your coverage on hold should you acquire group health benefits and to reactivate your health plan later without needing to qualify again medically.

There are lots of different options offered by many different carriers.  Contact us today for your free quote. 

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