No Medical Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

As the name implies, there are life insurance policies that are guaranteed to be issued.

That means regardless of your health, you cannot be declined or turned down.

However, guaranteed issue life insurance generally offers low death benefit options with higher than normal premiums.

How much insurance can I buy?

Guaranteed Acceptance Life

Ages 18-60  AGES 61-75
  •  Minimum Face Amount $10,000
 Minimum Face Amount $5,000
  •  Maximum Face Amount $25,000
 Maximum Face Amount $25,000
There are other plans that also require NO Medical if you qualify

Deferred Life - Maximum - $75,000

Deferred Elite Plans - Maximum $300,000

Simplified Elite Plans - Maximum $500,000

Preferred Plans - Maximum of $1, 000,000 May be subject to Underwriting

You have options, don't give up on getting life insurance, Call or email for a free quote today

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