Every Carrier has different Criteria.  It is best to reach out to your APlus Advisor to submit the claim and see what is required.

Information Required to Submit Claim 

■ Date of death

 Cause of death

■ Beneficiary’s address (executor’s name and address for estate beneficiaries)

■ Funeral home name, city and telephone number (required so we can confirm the death with the funeral home)

Claims Paid Without Requirements (total for all individual policies is $150,0002 or LESS & policies in force 10 years or more)

 No claim documents are required if all the following conditions are met:

■ If there is a named beneficiary, the beneficiary must be alive

■ Death occurred within Canada or the United States

■ The policy(ies) has been in force 10 years or more since issue or reinstatement

■ Policy does not have an accidental death rider or, if it does, the death was not accidental

Note: If the policy is an RRSP or if the death was due to homicide or a motor vehicle accident, we may need additional information


 Proof of death Years in Force (from issue or reinstatement) 5 Years or Less

■ Physician’s Statement -  Please call APlus to have one sent to you by email / Fax


More than 5 Years Total Payable $500,000 or less

  Obtain one:  Funeral Director’s Statement or Death Certificate issued by the Registrar

 More than 5 Years Total Payable More Than $500,000

■ Physician’s Statement  

 Provincial Death Certificate 

 * Submit one proof of death per claim – not one per policy/beneficiary.

 $1 million or more

■ Claimant's Statement (NN0065E) 

■ Two proofs of death, one being a Funeral Director’s Statement.


Deaths outside Canada and USA – Call your APlus Advisor and they will contact the insurance company for special requirements.  The original documentation is always required, however we may accept photocopies if the total claim is $50,000 or less and the policy has been inforce for 10 years or more.


Minor Beneficiary The Claims department will advise you of special requirements if beneficiary is a minor – varies by province.

For more information or clarification please Contact APlus


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